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Review: Tanoshii Sushi Mike’s -West Loop

July 6, 2016

I love Chicago in the summertime, because there’s always something going on! A couple week’s back was Taste of Randolph, a street fest in the West Loop that featured live music, food, drinks, and local artists. Before hitting up the fest, a few friends and I decided to try Tanoshii Sushi Mike’s, a sushi place just down the street that caters to dietary restrictions and serves up the most creative sushi around… Just ask Mike! 

imageWe hopped out of the uber and walked into the restaurant. As you walk through to your table, you see about six sushi chefs quietly working on maki rolls and beautiful sashimi. image

Before we ordered, we decided to spring for some sake. We chose a small bottle of sparkling sake which for $39 you get about 5 “shots”. I recommend sparkling sake if you’ve never had it, it resembles a light champagne to me. A good beginner sake. No bomb needed.imageAfter the sake was poured our server explained the ordering process to us: There is a regular menu to order off of, but if you want one of Sushi Mike’s special creations, all you have to do is give your server an idea of what you do and don’t like. My friends all agreed to go full gluten-free for the meal (#doitfortheblog) so we ordered 5 rolls (10 pieces per roll) highlighting salmon and tuna, avocado, mushrooms and spice. We left out truffle, sea urchin, and of course, gluten. We also ordered two steamed edamame to start.imageOur first roll arrived about 10 minutes after the edamame. White tuna, avocado and spicy aioli made this one hell of a first roll. imageThe second and third rolls arrived, one featuring salmon, avocado, and red pepper. The other with tuna, jalapeño, and crab. These did not disappoint. Note: the jalapeño was HOT!

imageimage  Our fourth roll was also tuna, with an extra special sauce on top. All I can say is that this was a party in my mouth, and I liked it. All of the sauces were made using tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and we didn’t use any extra soy sauce for any of the rolls. To me, that’s the epitome of good sushi. image imageOur 5th and final roll had white tuna, mushroom, scallion, and all sorts of other delicious ingredients packed into it. I probably could’ve eaten another two rolls myself, but I saved myself (and my wallet) for the festival.imageNaturally, I had to capture (and snap) the whole experience. Yes, yes, I know I need to invest in a camera. (Shoutout to my friend KT for capturing this snap of a snap)image

For 5 people to have 5 rolls (10 pieces) it was $100, so I would definitely save this for a weekend or special occasion. There really is nothing like being treated to a chef’s creation, all the while being able to safely dine gluten-free. I cannot recommend Tanoshii Sushi Mike’s more, and if anyone ever wants to maki my day- take me here. #Punny.

NOTE: Tanoshii has two locations, one in West Loop and one in Edgewater… don’t be like me and reserve a table at the wrong one…. find your correct location here.

I am always looking for more safe gluten-free sushi- know a place? Let me know in the comments below!

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