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Hey, I’m Allison – A Chicago-based blogger who’s here to show you that being gluten-free and healthy can be an every day affair. I also have a thought or two on how to be financially savvy in your twenties…and beyond!

So why read my blog? My sister was diagnosed with celiac disease her Junior year of high school, and I with a gluten allergy not too long after that. Going gluten-free changed my life in lots of positive ways: my face cleared up, my digestion became more regular, and my itchy skin (which was constant) subsided for the most part. However, it hasn’t always been so easy to travel gluten-free, entertain gluten-free, and if it wasn’t for my very open minded boyfriend, date gluten-free. So I like to share recipes I’ve come to love and some of my gluten-free-go-to’s for those who might be new to the gluten-free lifestyle or are looking for inspiration.

Looking for a gluten-free restaurant in Chicago? Nashville? Florida? Check out my restaurant reviews here on the blog and on the Find Me Gluten Free App. I take my reviews seriously when it comes to cross contamination- so have no fear, no gluten here.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge on what it takes to be financially savvy in your post-college twenties. Lucky for me, I am the daughter of THE Mrs. Money. This is not a pun, she’s real, Google her: Susan Beacham. Suze and my father Mikey B. have taught me to be financially savvy, and so I like to share that information on the blog as well. I cover things as they come up in my life, everything from not breaking the bank as a bridesmaid, to budgeting, 401K’s, even things as little but equally important as writing a check, and collecting those 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. (Trust me those suckers can save you some moolah!) Learning all of this for the first time was overwhelming, and I consider myself lucky to have had parents so “with it” in the financial literacy world, so I want to do my part and spread the wealth. (See what I did there?)

SO, have a scroll through, and let me know what you’d like to hear about most from me. (Seriously shoot me an email- I made a page on the blog just for that!) While this blog is my opinion on life, I hope to positively impact yours, whether it be in the form of a restaurant review, a step-by-step tutorial on budgeting, or a homemade body scrub that’s already waiting for you in your existing pantry. Life’s a beach(am) and I’m just playing in the sand.

Life’s A Beacham – Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle


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