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Top 10 Tips For Not Breaking The Bank As A Bridesmaid

September 17, 2016

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is one of the most special feelings in the world. Someone you love is asking you to share one of the most important days of their life with them. Out of everyone they know, they want YOU by their side. While the honor of being a bridesmaid is priceless, gearing up for the big day can be pricey! So, gathering what I know from my own experience and a few of my friends, I have composed my top 10 ten ways to NOT break the bank as a bridesmaid: So you can focus on your girl, rather than your bank statement!image

  1. Buy your dress early– Planning isn’t just up to the bride and groom. You can even keep tabs on a couple dress options online to see if one will go on sale.image
  2. Go in on a gift to the bride– You’re already in the wedding, so asking another bridesmaid to go in on a gift together is a nice way to split the cost of something big and feel good about it. The bride and groom get the blender of their dreams, and you only have to pay for half of it.image
  3. Wear what you own– Ask the bride if any pair of black heels are allowed, or if she had a special pair in mind for the big day. Chances are, you own a pair of black heels and as long as you all match, she’ll be totally fine with it. Same goes for jewelry- does everyone have to wear pearl earrings? Ask to borrow from your mom or grandmother! image
  4. Buy in bulk for booze– Handles for the win! Just kidding, kind of. Before the bachelorette party, stock up on your favorites at a discounted price. That way you can avoid the pricey mini bar before you all go out. Costco and Sam’s are great for this as well for those with memberships. If you’re in Illinois, Binny’s is the place to go!image
  5. Primp prior to traveling– Aka a hotel mani is twice the price and never as good as your go-to spot. Ask the bride what color she has in mind and send her pics of the bottle before you commit.image image image
  6. Pack in Shifts– Traveling to the same place more than once? Continuously pack things you’ll need for the big day and bring them in shifts so that you don’t have to check a bag for the big event. That will save you a bag fee, and the bride will sleep better knowing your dress and accessories are resting safely in her care.image
  7. Offer your time as your gift– MOH’s this one’s for you. If you’re the one in charge, chances are the bride will accept your time, attention and speech as your gift and nothing more. A lovely card with a heartfelt letter is always a good idea for the big day to make sure you don’t show up empty handed.image
  8. Offer to shop around for group rates– Take matters into your own hands! Don’t want to pay $60 a head for brunch? Checkout Gilt, Ru La La, and Groupon for swanky events at a discount.image
  9. Pack snacks– Again… do NOT go for the mini bar. We all know that champagne tastes better with something to munch on- so get it in bulk and throw it in bowls to make a fancy and cheaper snack bar.image
  10. Budget– It seems like obvious advice, but skipping your daily Starbucks for two weeks will cover the cost of the tank you girls have to wear (and buy) for the group picture at the bachelorette party. Thermos the coffee for awhile and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff for the big day, after all- it’s your treat too!


I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a bridesmaid and I can’t wait to do it again. Casey- you were the most beautiful bride and I wish you and David a lifetime of happiness! (And visits from me <3)

Do you have any advice for a bridesmaid to be? Comment below! And as always, show me some love by sharing this post and subscribing for FREE to my blog!

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