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5 Ways To Boost Confidence

November 8, 2017

As my birthday rapidly approaches, twenty-six is feeling a tad older than I expected it to, heck I’m officially going to be in my upper 20’s! These are the years where I’ve always pre-destined my “plans” to begin. And while I may not have it all figured out just yet, I can say that at 26 I’m feeling more confident in my own skin than I ever have.

But trust me- this has been 26 years in the making. I’ve gone through plenty of ups and downs, and I’ve  lacked confidence in every aspect of my life, including my weight, my skin, outfits, even my writing, and I  think that’s normal. Going from college, where a bodycon dress is an appropriate outfit on a Thursday night, to an industrial business conference where panty hose are required can down right confuse a girl. Not to mention, these days lash extensions, and a never-ending tan have become the norm, and it can begin to feel like regular old you doesn’t cut it anymore. But that’s just not true, and the world has proven to me over and over again that I’m most attractive and successful when my confidence shines through. So, at the ripe old age of almost 26, here are my five ways to boost your natural confidence, allowing you to forget the filter and life your best life.

  1. Ditch the Scale: They’re so 90’s, and yes I know that’s in right now but seriously, haven’t we learned from all of the fitness gurus out there that the number you see doesn’t reflect your true health ? Muscle weighs more than fat, and guilt weighs much heavier on your heart if you’re still judging your happiness off of the scale. If you want to feel like your best self, focus less on how much you weigh and more on how you feel. If the pants look good, who cares what size they are?
  2. Drink More Water: Yes, it’s obvious but I can tell you that I still don’t drink enough water. I’ll also say this- don’t water log yourself, drinking too much water can be just as bad as not drinking enough. Shoot for 4 20oz water bottles a day. If you can master that, you’ll start to see all the wonderful benefits of hydration- glowing skin, a flat tummy, (nothing feels as good as being regular, am I right?)
  3. Dress To Impress: If there’s a shirt in your closet that doesn’t make you feel 100% gorgeous when you put it on, then why the heck do you still own it? Having a closet of 15 items that make you feel like a model makes a lot more sense than having a closet packed to the brim with things that only look good if you’re feeling skinny. Focus on classic staples that make you feel like a million bucks and newsflash: you don’t have to wear something that’s trendy if you don’t look good in it. Checkout my other wardrobe tips  if you’re looking to make moves in the “less is more” direction.
  4. Invest in Skincare Not Makeup: You can look at this from a waste perspective, skincare tends to get used up to completion, while makeup expires well before you can get through that bottle of foundation. You can also look at it this way- the better your skin, the less you’ll be spending on things to “cover” up your already beautiful self. I used to get really frustrated that foundation looked really silly on my skin, “fake” if you will. (Well, yeah?!) Then one day it hit me, if I didn’t need to wear foundation, then I didn’t have to. I now invest my money into high quality moisturizers and skip foundation entirely.  It’s a lot easier to get ready in the morning, and I never feel like I need to put my face on to go anywhere. I’m already wearing it! Another added benefit? The less you put on your face, the more your skin can breathe. You might actually discover that your skin improves when it’s got less on it.
  5.  Attitude of Gratitude: I could leave it at that, but i’ll tell you what I do daily that helps me start my mornings off right- I mentally say three things that I’m grateful for that don’t begin with a “not”. So, I wouldn’t say I’m grateful for “not having to do laundry” I say something like “I’m grateful for having a sunny day”, or “having avocado toast for breakfast”, you get the idea. If you have something really important to be grateful for, say it, but don’t think you have to create 3 big things every morning. Avocado toast will do just fine. Avocado toast will make you smile, and smiling people attract other happy people, and that’s the goal right?

I want you to see that it doesn’t take a million products, apps, or a newly edited profile pic to boost confidence. Walking down the street in your favorite outfit with a grateful heart makes you practically magnetic, because people gravitate towards happy confident people.

I make a conscious effort to practice what I preach, and I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate into my healthy happy lifestyle. If you have a go to trick for boosting your confidence I’d love to try it- so leave me a comment below!


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