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Jersey Mike’s Gluten Free Sandwich- Review

February 27, 2018

When I first heard that Jersey Mike’s was coming out with a gluten-free sandwich, I rolled my eyes. “Great,” I thought, “Another gluten-free item that will be gone in a couple of months due to cross contamination. Plus it’s probably super crumbly.”

I can blame it on hanger, but this mindset has proven me right all too often lately. So as I opened my Find Me GF App to see if there were any reviews, I was shockingly, and pleasantly surprised to find an announcement on the app for the very same sandwich. If the app was promoting it, I knew I had to put this infamous new sandwich to the test. So I threw on some pants and dragged a friend with me to checkout this sub, and see what it was all about! As promised on the Lifesabeacham instagram, I have made this into a Q&A style post, so take a look at the questions below to find out what I thought of the Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Sandwich!

Q: First thing’s first…What’s the cross-contamination situation?

A: I ordered my sandwiches in person, late on a Tuesday evening when the shop was pretty empty. When I arrived I asked them if they had the gluten-free option and with a nod they immediately started cleaning. I’ll be honest I thought they heard me and decided to close! But this is just a first step in their gluten-free procedure to ensure that their working on a clean surface. So- while one guy kept doing his thang in the back, another wiped down every knife, counter, and slicer in the workspace and then washed and re-gloved. This was not a quick process.

Q: Was the bread fresh? Did it taste like real bread?

A: The bread was as “fresh” as gluten-free bread can be- but like most fast food sandwiches places it tasted like a standard hoagie. Familiar and comforting- I was so happy to have something other than lettuce to bite in to. As far as it tasting like real bread? I’m so far removed from what that’s like anymore, but I’ll say it’s one of my favorite gluten-free breads I’ve ever come across.

Q: How Gummy is the bread?

A: The bread isn’t gummy at all. If you’re familiar with Udi’s – it’s their bread! Q: Did it fall apart?

A: On the contrary, the bread held it’s shape and fixings nicely, even with the Italian vinegar and oil doused on top. This shocked me for Udi’s (no offense) because their hamburger buns disintegrate the second I pick them up. I’m wondering if they’ve changed their recipe, because this bread was awesome.

Q: What other chains do SAFE Gluten Free Sandwiches?

A: In my opinion, not many. Jimmy Johns will have someone change gloves and prep your “unwich” (sandwich fixings wrapped in lettuce) on paper if you tell them it’s an allergy- but you will have to add your own mayo/mustard since they contaminate theirs when spreading it onto their rolls. Other than that, I don’t really know of any true sandwich places that do safe gluten-free items. Sure there are burger places, but that’s a different post. If I’m totally missing a place I should be enjoying, by all means let me know!

Q: Would you order the Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Sandwich again?

A: Well I did, and I can successfully tell you that twice now I’ve enjoyed their sandwiches without reaction. Did the first time take a little long? Yeah. But the second time I ordered my sandwich for pickup to save on wait time (risky I know) and I still enjoyed without reaction. If you have a Jersey Mike’s in your area I highly suggest you check it out in person the first time you go to make sure you trust your sandwich makers. Have you tried one of their subs? What did you think? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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