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5 Things To Pack For Your Honeymoon

May 11, 2023

I just got back from my honeymoon in Portugal and as I was unpacking I took note of some of the all star items that really made my trip easier. Here are five items I recommend you consider for your next vacation, upcoming honeymoon, or European adventure!

A Nap Dress

When I say I wore a dress 11 out of my 11 days in Portugal I’m not lying. But there was one brand of dress that really excelled above the rest for me – and that is the Hill House Nap dress. I wore my white lace nap dress as my cover up in Portugal and I loved how you could see each bathing suit I wore underneath. It made me feel like I was switching it up daily all while only having to pack one cover up in my suitcase. The lace is breezy and comfortable, perfect for throwing on to and from the beach or pool or when you want to grab lunch. On the days we went jet skiing or boating I wore my Elizabeth navy nap dress. The shorter length made it so easy to pop over my swim suit and do a quick change in the car after our activities. Plus it has pockets, which came in handy for tucking away undies when folding it up and popping it into my beach bag.

White Lace Nap Dress

Beach bag with waterproof compartments

I purchased this beach bag off of amazon after about a week’s worth of research. I wanted something light weight that could fold up nicely in my luggage but also hold a decent amount of stuff should we need to pack it for a day trip. This bag has a solid bottom piece that lays flat when folded but gives the bag structure when placed at the bottom of the bag. It also has a detachable pouch that you can use as a quick to go bag as well as two waterproof pockets for items that need to be kept dry – or can hold wet suits after an activity.


If you’re going to Europe you seriously need to reconsider packing heels. I brought a pair of heels and only ended up wearing them once because our entire resort was cobblestone paths. These Jack Roger boating shoes were my savior. They looked cute with dresses as well as casual outfits and were extremely comfortable to walk in. I got them wet, got sunscreen on them, and they still looked good.

Waterproof phone pouch

Sure, you can put your phone in your waterproof pocket and rest assured it will be dry at the end of the day, but chances are you’ll want to be taking some pictures right? Hence a waterproof phone pouch. I snagged two in the travel section at CVS but Amazon will also have a ton of options at any price range.

Key ring

My husband laughed at me when I pulled this out of the bag but I purchased a key ring off of amazon and then clipped it to a plastic card holder so that I could easily find my room key at all times. Whether you’re at an all inclusive resort, on a cruise, or even an Air BnB you’ll need easy access to your key card, and it was nice to see the giant key ring that held onto a room key and our rental car keys at the bottom of my massive bag.

I’ve linked the items above as well as many more of my favorite in my Amazon Storefront page which you can access here. This is an affiliate link which means if you like my recommendation and do purchase a product off of amazon I will receive a small commission from it!

What else would you recommend bringing on an upcoming trip? Let me know in a comment below! #lifesabeacham

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