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EASY Gluten-Free Super Bowl Snacks

February 2, 2017

This upcoming weekend is Super Bowl Sunday! Hooray Sports! I get a lot of questions around this time of the year, like “what can you eat?” or “is butter a carb?” (#meangirlsquote) But really, I do get asked quite a bit if I can enjoy the Super Bowl along with the rest of my friends. My answer to that is always -hell yes! The past couple of years we’ve been going to Brett’s friends house for the game, and they always put out an immense, almost entirely gluten-free spread. The first time they pulled this off, they knew almost nothing about my allergy- and to this I say- if they can pull it off on their first try, so can you! But this post is more than just easy gluten-free super bowl snacks, it’s a collection of some healthier, protein focused recipes that you can whip up without missing a play (or in my case, a commercial). Oh- and they’re all dairy free. HOW CAN THIS BE? You’ll see. I’ve also included a naughty surprise at the end as well as some drink ideas. Intrigued? Excited? … Salivating? Huddle up and let the recipes commence!

Before you even start making you snacks, and especially if you start your festivities on the earlier side, I recommend a build-your-own bloody mary bar. They’re an all-pleasing and fun station to create, just make sure your mix is gluten-free. I find two kinds at Target that are marked GF and are delicious. Way better than Zig Zag. A handle of chilled Titos, celery, and some pickled bits should do! We always slice lemon and fry some bacon to be extra fancy. GF worcestershire sauce is a thing! So are spicy green beans. I’ve tagged online sources for all the ingredients in blue but if you head to Target or Mariano’s you’ll be able to find the exact ingredients I use.IMG_2209While you sip on your bloody- it’s time to get cookin’! This recipe is easy, protein based, and gluten-free! What is it? It’s Wings!IMG_2207Does this feel like I’m cheating, recipe wise? Ok- well take down these notes and we’ll move on.

  1. Marinated wings will taste better- Go to the prepared meats section in your local grocer and ask for a pound or two of whatever marinated wings they have. Mariano’s has a ton of options, the buffalo and BBQ marinades are gluten-free (I had them print out the ingredients sticker).
  2. Once you get home toss them on a baking sheet and into a 375 oven. No prepared wings? Find a sauce you like and give your wings a bath for an hour or two- then bake. Toss with extra sauce once they’re done to ensure maximum flavor. Pair with fresh celery for added crunch.

IMG_2208My next recipe is also pretty easy- but it will require slightly more prep than the wings. We’re making meatballs!

  1. Find frozen meatballs, here are my favorites: Bilinski’s/Jenni-O Mariano’s/Whole Foods will have them.
  2. Get 1 can cranberry sauce, and one bottle of spicy ketchup. I use this one because it’s all natural.
  3. Melt 1/2 to 1 whole can of the cranberry sauce and 1 cup to 2 cups spicy ketchup in a sauce pan (more meatballs means more sauce.) Once simmering, add in meatballs and let cook until heated through. Serve warm and top with scallions. These will be gone in 10 minutes.

IMG_2221That’s good meatball.

My next party trick is to remind you that chips and guacamole are both gluten-free and dairy free. Looking for some last minute guac? Mariano’s has a guacamole bar where they’ll put it together for you- or give you a pre-made batch. (#notsponsored) Want to make the guac yourself? Here’s an awesome recipe. Donkey Chips are GF, delicious, and found almost everywhere. So, here you have it, three super easy recipes that are protein based, delicious, and all dairy-free and GF! IMG_2222Pair these treats with bloodies in the morning and some gluten-free beer for when the game starts- I don’t think you can go wrong with this spread.

SPORTS TIP: Keep Hydrated!

 Here are my Top 3 Gluten-Free (NOT Gluten-Removed) beers All found at Binny’s and most grocers:

  1. Glutenberg (Blonde, IPA, American, and Red Ale varieties) Tallboy Cans
  2. New Grist (Ginger, Pale Ale) Bottles
  3. Green’s (IPA, Dry Hopped Lager, Amber, Tripel, Dubbel Dark varieties) 16.9 oz Bottles
*Gluten removed refers to a beer that has had the gluten protein reduced but is not entirely GF. We won’t mess around on game day.

And now for the totally unhealthy, utterly decadent, gluten-free (but in no way dairy-free) Super Bowl dessert recipe I made for super bowl XIIX that rocked my socks- Triple-threats: Cookie on the bottom, oreo in the middle, and brownie on top. 

What you’ll need: *All found at Mariano’s/Walmart/Aldi

1 box GF brownie mix (Betty Crocker/Aldi)

1 box GF chocolate chip cookie mix or pre-made dough (BC/Pillsbury GF cookie dough- can be hard to find)

1 package GF Oreos (Glutino/K-Toos)

*necessary ingredients listed on mixes, cupcake liners, green frosting, white frosting, chocolate covered almonds (marked GF).

How to make them:

  1. Prepare cookie mix/dough and brownie mix as instructed on boxes. Fill the cupcake liners first with a layer of cookie dough- making sure to squish it down.
  2. Top each cookie dough layer with a GF Oreo
  3. Top with layer of brownie batter. Bake per brownie instructions, using the shorter amount of time to ensure there are no burnt cookie layers or dry brownies.
  4. Once the triple-threats are done- let them cool COMPLETELY.
  5. Use green and white icing to make football laces, grass and field goals. Add chocolate covered almond footballs to complete the look.

IMG_2716You’ll have been snacking on delicious protein and healthy fats all day so one (or two) 0f these bad boys won’t make you feel like you’ve dropped the ball 😉 (#sportspun)

Is this the most healthy spread known to mankind? No. We’ve got beer and triple-threats and sauce! Is it way better than buffalo chicken dip, chili cheese dip, spinach artichoke dip, and pretty much any other dip you can think of? Yes. So enjoy the game, (commercials) and know that you’ve made slightly healthier choices, while still enjoying some delicious, easy gluten-free super bowl snacks.- Break!

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