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BoHo Betty Jewelry- Review (Nickel Free!)

December 16, 2016

As someone who’s allergic to everything, one of the stranger allergies I suffer from is a nickel allergy. What’s so bad about that you might ask? Nickel can be anywhere, and from zippers, to jean buttons, to  jewelry (affordable and sometimes not), and I’m sick of the itchy blotchy rashes that come with donning some of my favorite duds.

If you’ve ever taken off your jewelry at the end of the night and had itchy red bumps on your neck, arm, or ears, you too could very possibly have a nickel allergy.

So what do we do? In my constant search for nickel free jewelry, Boho Betty actually found me. 


Boho Betty is an online jewelry company that offers an incredible range of bracelets, and other jewelry that’s all lead and nickel free- and perfectly priced. I know this because when Boho Betty reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in checking out their brand, I emailed the founder all my questions. She happily looked into the allergy info for me and low and behold- we had a winner.

I chose two bracelets to try out- A fancier cuff that had a metal clasp on it (so that I could guinea pig the metal and prove it was reaction free) and another more casual wrap that only had a snap.img_1275I wore both, one on each arm, for a day to make sure nothing would cause me to react and by the end of they day I took them both off without a single hive! img_1276I wore this one to the office the next day and felt very put together yet comfortable. I will say that the hair on this cuff is delicate so when packing, I make sure not to squish it and keep it separate from my other jewelry. The grey cuff is as easy as it gets- it goes with everything, and can be tossed in my bag when I’m washing my hands.img_1272My only issue with the cuff is that the clasp does seem to be pretty massive. I wish it was smaller for aesthetic reasons, and it can be tricky to pull off with one hand seeing as the magnet is strong. But strong magnets are a good thing! They keep your cuff on your arm.img_1273Now the fun part- If you like what you’ve seen and want one of your own- check out the BohoBetty collection here.

I was given a discount code to share with you all- so if you want to save some moolah use LIFESABEACHM to get 20% off your order!

*This is an affiliate code, so by using it I will make a small commission off of your order. Do not feel like you have to use it!

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