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How To Get Over A Cold- Naturally (Giveaway Inside)

April 6, 2017

A couple weeks back, I came down with a cold. It started the first day of spring, believe it or not, and so I used what energy I had to find a couple products that would help me through the week and get me to the weekend healthy and ready to enjoy the promised spring weather! If you read the title, you can see that I chose all of remedies to be drug free. So, if you’re interested in how to get over a cold- naturally (and yes, I mean without DayQuil, NyQuil, and all the other crap that doesn’t actually help but just hides your symptoms) then read on my friends- I’ve got the goods.


  1. Saline Spray- This is my number one tip for getting over a cold fast! Saline spray is simply salt water you can spray up into the sinus cavity. If you’ve ever experienced the tight stinging feeling of dry irritated sinuses that come with colds, this will be your savior. Yes, you have to stick it up your nose, and yes, stuff will come out but this “stuff” is better out than in! Bringing moisture back to the area and clearing out that harmful gunk that gets stuck will speed up the process and bring immediate relief.
  2. KOR Wellness Shots- Now for something not so gross, these ginger shots are like little bottles of hope. Packed with ginger and lemon, I took one of these every day and I swear it sped up my cold, one shot at a time.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil– Lavender is an incredibly healing oil. It can alleviate stress, cure headaches, and help you sleep. I like to drop a little onto a wash cloth and bring it into the shower with me and let the steam pick up the scent. Having calming, sleep inducing essential oil around allows your body to relax, and hopefully get the rest it needs to heal.
  4. Bone Broth- I won’t buy into the collagen fad, but I do believe that bone broth (organic, low sodium) can help reduce inflammation in the body- which is great for colds, sinus infections, and relief from the aching of fevers. Plus- it just tastes like really good chicken broth, and you can add in noodles or rice for an easy dinner.
  5. Chia Pods- These just feel damn good on a sore throat. They’re dairy free so you won’t clog your already strained sinuses, and you’ll be getting some fiber and healthy fats, both good things to keep your digestion on track.

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Last but not least… it’s pretty obvious- but water is always going to make everything better. I HATE drinking water when I’m sick unless it’s nice and cold, so I typically aim at drinking 4/5 of my 20oz Healthy Human water bottles to keep all the fluids moving.

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