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Barre & Brunch with KitchFix & Lulafit

January 19, 2017

Hello friends! It’s been a bit since I last posted on Life’s A Beacham- but what can I say, the holidays happened and now we’re in 2017! One of my resolutions for the new year is to focus on bringing you all fun and inspiring content on a weekly basis. Last year I definitely accomplished a ton: the blog got an Instagram, a Facebook page, and I joined two blogging communities here in Chi-city that have really opened me up to some amazing opportunities, and lots of new friends! 2016 was a great year for Life’s A Beacham, but this year is the year of the blog! So, I want to know what you want to see more of here- more recipes? If so, what kind? Dinner, lunch, to-go brekkie, you tell me? If it’s more life events, Top 10 product lists, advice, money blogs, tell me! I want to write what you most enjoy reading so please please comment down below! Ok now that I’ve covered that- let’s get into the cool experience I had last week with KitchFix and Lulafit’s event Barre & Brunch:

IMG_2167We began with a barre class hosted by LulaFit’s founder & CEO, Colleen Werner. Even though it was an express barre class, Colleen had us sweating hard about 12 mins in, and by the full 30 mins my thighs were shaking, and my bum was tingling (with joy). Colleen has an incredible ability to make you want to keep sweating even if it hurts, and I found myself getting really into the barre moves. I could feel how they were working my muscles. I’d call myself a bad blogger for not getting a snap of the class in action, but judging by how sweaty everyone was by the end of it, I think it’s more appetizing  just to show you the spread KitchFix provided us after the workout.IMG_2168 Brunch: KitchFix did not hold out on us- they presented a completely gluten & dairy free spread. At one end of the table they had egg muffins, a fresh fruit platter, paleo blueberry muffins, and gluten-free waffles with maple syrup. They even had homemade Kombucha!IMG_2171At the other end of the table there was a build-your-own parfait station, complete with more fresh fruit, KitchFix granola, coconut flakes, nuts and seeds, perfect for topping their homemade cashew yogurt!IMG_2174Because this was my 2nd breakfast (yes I ate before the event hehe) I stuck to the fruit in my parfait, but man did I flirt with that fruit platter- look at it.IMG_2175My friend kindly let me snap her egg muffin, which she said was delicious! Would you guys want to see my recipe for egg muffins up on the blog? They’re super easy to make and are a great source of protein.IMG_2178WARNING: These High-Brew cold coffee’s are addicting. I 1000% took two extras home for Brett and me to have later in the day. Yes, they have dairy in them, but nothing else did at the event so I figured I’d splurge a little!IMG_2179Also-can we just admire the tiny waffle? So cute, so tiny.IMG_2176As we munched on our entirely gluten-free and dairy-free spread, we had the opportunity to checkout some of the other vendors at the Barre & Brunch event.IMG_2182There were Holistic Bliss essential oils to smell and Arbonne products to try. The lavendar and citrus blends were incredibly invigorating!IMG_2186Even though Barre & Brunch was winding down, we all stuck around for the free chair massages!IMG_2187Utter heaven I tell you- even if you’re not looking to train with LulaFit- having one of their masseuses come over would be a very special treat. Margita and Lindsey are incredibly talented ladies!IMG_2173At the end of the event, four very lucky ladies won gift baskets packed with all sorts of goodies! I was completely envious of the winners, who got to take home everything from granola to yoga mats!  I did leave with a very cute water bottle though 🙂

KitchFix is a very cool company that allows you to have healthy prepared meals delivered to you weekly.

LulaFit offers everything from personal training,  to nutritional counseling, to classes.

Both are very cool companies, started by young people here in Chicago so give them a look if interested!

Thanks again for a lovely Barre & Brunch event KitchFix and LulaFit- you inspired me to keep eating right and working hard in 2017!

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