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10 Reasons To Clean Out Your Closet Right Now

February 23, 2017

Spring is cominggg! Ok not really- anyone who lives in Chicago knows that this weather is a mean trick played on us by the weather gods to keep us all from flying south for the winter. I mean come on- the forecast shows snow for Saturday, yet this week we hit a high of 68 degrees. However- embracing the warm weather while it’s here, I’ve embarked on a massive closet clean out- and I have to say it’s been wildly successful. My soul, wallet, and sanity are all exhaling with relief and I’m going to share with you my top 10 reasons why you should clean out your closet right now! Or maybe this weekend… you feel me? Let’s do this!


  1. You Haven’t Worn That ___ In How Long? – Maybe you’re super organized and turn your hanger the other way every time you wear something, or, if you’re like me- you have a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear! Go ahead and pull everything out of the closet. DO IT. This is where the magic happens.
  2. Ooh- I Forgot About ___! – Yeah- me too. I found so many things shoved in my closet that I LOVE (or worse, I haven’t worn yet). Finding loved items you’ve forgotten all about is like shopping without spending any money. Better yet- they’re guaranteed to be your size!
  3. New Hangers – Now that you’ve pulled everything out, look at your hangers- are they all different  colors? Different sizes? Have any of those fancy wooden ones that bend really far and take up too much space? Let me help you- these are the hangers of your dreams. These black velvet hangers allow for clothes to cling to them and they’re super slim- so you can get more in your closet. Plus the uniform look will instantly destress any woman or man who has a passion for fashion.
  4. New Look, Who Dis? – Now that you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t wear, and can see what you still love- what are you missing? Time to replace that blazer you’ve worn to death? Make a note. Clinging to tops you wore in college that you know you’ve out grown? Now’s the time to start fresh and define what you want your look to be.
  5. Sell Your Clothes – I made $170 off of my clothing at Crossroads Trading Co. and I plan on selling what I have left at a couple Plato’s Closets before I donate what doesn’t sell. I love selling my clothes. Most of what I am getting rid of is still in incredible condition and so places like Crossroads take what I no longer want and give me cash for it. Also- Kudo’s to Crossroads for actually buying and selling clothing I would want- Plato’s drives me nuts sometimes because they steer clear of business professional clothing (ummm hello??) and since my college attire is almost completely gone from my wardrobe, they usually send me back with the majority of what I bring in. All this to say- selling your clothing is a smart, savvy thing to do. Take that cash and use it to buy your new hangers, finish off that new wardrobe, or save it for a rainy day!
  6. Do Donate – Once you’ve sold what you can, go ahead and find your closest Green City Project or Goodwill drop off. If you’re reading this now, you’re in luck because it’s tax season! Goodwill includes a tax write off when you donate- so you can do some good and save a little on your taxes this spring!
  7. Less Stuff Means Less Stress (And Laundry) – Take a deep breath, and realize that with fewer items to work with- you can make quicker decisions in the morning, and do less laundry! Spring cleaning has always been therapy for me, especially once I moved into a smaller space. Having less to worry about makes me a happy camper!
  8. Pre-Plan Outfits – Get on Pinterest for inspo or save some instagram outfits you love with the new save feature and start replicating the looks with what you already have. I don’t know about you- but spur of the moment outfit ideas don’t come to me that often, and when getting ready on Friday night, I usually find myself in a panic. Putting together some outfits will make it 100 times easier to throw on what you own and feel confident in a rush, knowing you’ve already checked all the angles prior to wearing it out and about.
  9. See What You’re Missing – Do all of your pins revolve around the white denim you don’t currently own? You sold your clothes right? Now you have the funds to go get you some hot pants for the summer. Boom.
  10. Embrace less – Totally vibe-ing with your new wardrobe? Not missing what you got rid of, and not looking for anything you don’t have? Embrace this! You just rocked a closet clean out, made some money and realized that you can do with less. As they say- less is more! Sure- maybe the 5 black tops you had all served a different purpose, but three will do. Enjoy your new closet and pat yourself on the back for minimizing your wardrobe while still being fabulous.

Let me know what happens when you try a closet clean out! As always- sharing is caring so click those fancy share buttons below and scroll alllllll the way down to leave me a comment!

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