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Mista Lakeview East Review!

May 27, 2015

Hey Hey Hey,

Some of you may know that I’ve recently moved out of the burbs and down to the city! Chicago has pretty much everything a girl can ask for, restaurants galore, grocery stores on every corner, cheese shops a block from my apartment…Oh wait is that just me that prefers to eat her way through the weekend? So my first restaurant review goes to Mista and their gluten-free pizza:

Brett and I were picking a place to try out on Friday night and so we opened my favorite app (Find Me GF, seriously download it to find GF on the road, on vacation, etc. It pulls by distance which is perfect for walking or public transit.) and started reading reviews, when we stumbled upon Mista. I’d walked past it a couple of times and seen the cute little outdoor patio and their “Fresh, Natural, Organic” sign and been intrigued. So we figured we’d give it a shot! We were not disappointed.image imageWhen we called and asked about reservations, we found out that the entire restaurant is first come, first serve for seating, but that you can take away their entire menu, oh and that it’s BYOB. Since it was on the early side, Brett and I grabbed a bottle of wine and dashed out the door to place our order and snag a table!


After some trouble with the bottle…


…we were able to pour a glass and sit on the patio while we waited for our pizza. They provide cups and have a water cooler inside as well. We brought a twist-off bottle so there wasn’t even a need for a wine key.Β image

We ordered two pizzas to share, one sausage on the gluten-free crust,


And one Bianca on the gluten free crust: Baby spinach, organic mushrooms, fresh ricotta, roasted organic plum tomatoes, fontinella cheese, and E.V.O.O. image

The sausage was sweet against the mild cheese and tangy sauce, and the Bianca had a really creamy texture that was filling and fresh. Β The crust is definitely the same as their wrap, super thin, but a tasty vehicle for their fresh ingredients. imageWith a generous sprinkling of red pepper flake, I was in pizza heaven. The rest of the menu includes wraps, salads, and even a gluten free veggie lasagna!

**Gluten Freedom Factor: The GF app boasts awesome ratings, all of which I agree with but as far as cross contamination goes, I wouldn’t feel 100% taking my celiac sister there without questioning their prep.

If you’re in the neighborhood and feel a craving for the za al fresco, I couldn’t recommend Mista more. The staff are really friendly and if you call ahead they’ll give you an idea of what the patio looks like.

Alright any requests for a next blog, feel free to comment below or contact me via email!

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