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Gluten-Free Nashville- Featuring AMOT Eatery

August 18, 2016

If you’ve been following my posts you’ll know that after a week in Destin, FL Brett and I decided to extend our layover in Nashville, TN. So last minute- we booked an Air BnB and committed to two extra nights in hopes of soaking up a little honkey tonk. Little did we know Southwest Air had other plans for us…Due to a system wide crash, Southwest cancelled over 2000 flights and suffered delays well into five days after the system failure. We were some of the lucky ones and only dealt with a delay resulting in a late night flight. Unfortunately that meant we arrived at our Air BnB around 9:45pm, cutting our first night in Nashville pretty short. So what’s the remedy for a late night in? The answer, my friends, is pizza.
imageWe were able to walk to a cute little pizza place that had their own gluten-free crust! Italia Pizza and Pasta. BONUS: their garlic butter is also gluten-free. I absolutely took some home in my purse.

The next morning we awoke hungry and ready to make moves towards breakfast. Having done some instagram research, Brett and I found AMOT Eatery  a local restaurant that boasted lunch, brunch, and dinner all 100% gluten-free. There was no way we were NOT going to eat here. So we threw on our walking shoes and about twenty minutes later, we had found gf mecca.imageAlthough I don’t think 10:30am is early for brunch, we almost had the entire place to ourselves! imageWe took a seat next to the garage doors that open up to the patio. It was already about 98 degrees outside, so I was glad they kept them closed.imageTheir drink menu was an impressive mix of glutenous, gluten-removed* and gluten-free** beers, but we decided on mimosas to start the day off.image imageAs we sipped on our drinks I almost spit mine out when I saw that I could order apple fritter donuts. Like WHAT?! We quickly placed an order of those (promised fresh from the oven and drizzled in glaze) as we plotted our next menu choice. Let’s just take a moment here to admire the beauty below.imageAn inside shot for those who enjoy food porn. You see that gooey center? Yeah baby.imageStill in a daze from our donuts, our entrees arrived. WARNING: What you are about to see is real.imageThis my friends, is 100%, celiac safe, gluten-free jalapeño chicken and waffles. I’d dare anyone to tell me that these tasted “gluten-free”. They were amazing. They were spicy. I’m pretty sure they were the best thing I’ve ever had. Oh and we also got gluten-free sausage, biscuits and gravy.imageIn all honesty, why get these when you can eat this:imageAre you drooling yet? After this brunch, we grabbed some coffee from a local coffee shop, and went back to take a nap. I dreamt of waffles. Later on that day we ventured to the heart of Nashville, to find some drinks and honkey tonk. Our first stop? Acme Feed & Seed.image This right here is the Zydeco: Cruzan Rum, Mango, Lime, Ginger, Fresh Jalapeño. It was to die for. A couple of these and we were ready to keep exploring.image

I used the Find Me Gluten Free App once again to find a place for dinner, and we settled on Fleet Street Pub.imageUnfortunately, after discussing the menu with the bartender, I determined that this place was not in fact very gluten-free friendly. No dedicated fryers, no gluten-free buns, or anything. I appreciated her honestly, it’s more valuable than a gf bun, but we were disappointed. So, we ventured back out in search of another place to eat.imageOut of options and very hungry, we ended up eating at a pretty generic Mexican place, which was not blog worthy, and continued our night out on the town. (Looking for some goooood music? Bourbon Street Blues will do you kindly.) So what did we do the very next morning? You guessed it…image imageBrett got the burger with sweet potato fries. He added a fried egg on top, which was a phenomenal call.image imageI got the chicken sandwich, which came topped with avocado, and sprouts, my favorite! The regular french fries were better than the sweet potato fries, but don’t you worry we ate both. I had a Dogfish Head Tweason’ale beer with my meal. Brett had a glutenous IPA. imageI don’t hear much about this beer. It’s hard to find but both batches (early and late summer) are absolutely delicious, and it’s 100% gluten free. If you like a summery, sweet, beer, you’ll love Tweason’ale.imageAfter brunch we grabbed some coffee at Ugly Mugs packed our bags, and headed to the airport. When we landed in Chicago we were welcomed home with the nastiest storm I’ve seen all summer. So we cozied up and had a relaxed evening in, the perfect ending to the perfect vacation.

Did I miss something in Nashville? Have you been to any of these places? Let me know in the comments below!

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