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A Benefit At Burberry

February 4, 2016

Last week I got to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams… I attended a benefit at the Burberry store downtown on Michigan Ave… I know what you’re thinking, how did you all of a sudden become so cool? I didn’t, I promise. One of my good friends Christy invited my sister, her friend David, and me to tag along to a benefit for the Chinese American Service League. The event promised free champagne, canapés, valet parking, and Burberry. Who was I to say no?? So on Thursday evening, the three of us put our our chicest outfits, hopped in the car and arrived at Burberry just as the event was about to start.

imageAfter signing in, we were immediately offered champagne, and greeted by Christy. The store had so many people working the event you couldn’t help but feel the need to explore, so we took the elevator up and made our way thorough the five floors of timeless fashion.

image image imageUnfortunately the Asian inspired appetizers weren’t gluten free, but they looked amazing. Non-gf David gladly taste-tested on our behalves.

imageimage imageBurberry was generously offering a men’s and a woman’s trench coat for raffle; the winner’s would receive their pick of the collection and the proceeds went to CASL. We happily entered both, agreeing with each other than if we won for the opposite gender, we’d share our prize. Proceeds of any purchase made during the evening also went to CASL.

image imageAmanda and I offered our support by window shopping, you know, for the cause.

imageimage image imageDavid did some trying on as well. The coat looked too good that we had to keep moving, or else wallets might have been maimed.

image image imageimage imageWe headed back downstairs just in time to find another drink being served.

image imageAnd of course… more apps!

imageDavid recognized Linda Yu from ABC 7 news, and we all excitedly asked her for a picture.

imageShe was so lovely, and kindly let us all get our photo. She told us all about how CASL had helped her get her start in Chicago and how grateful she was all of their support. She even asked for an night off from the news so that she could come show her support! How awesome is that? If you’d like to checkout their website, here it is: https://www.caslservice.org imageAs the evening came to an end, we said our goodbyes, bundled up, and made sure to take one last look at all the lovely bags and clothes around us. Thank you for having us to Burberry, CASL! It’s a night I’ll forever remember!

imageThank you for having us to Burberry, CASL! It’s a night I’ll forever remember!

**Special shoutout to David for being the world’s best photographer ?


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