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    Chicago Weekend Guide

    June 1, 2022

    I’m updating this blog post pandemic, which seems insane to say. I’m also dedicating this blog to my two new team members Dee and Shannon, who showed me that instagram now allows little bloggers like me to link to their posts! Thanks ladies, for inspiring me to get back to something I love.

    This post is here to help you plan a trip to Chicago. I’ve included some trendy neighborhoods to stay in, restaurant recommendations, as well as some interesting Chicago activities for cold & warm weather.

    I love this kind of stuff, and I take pride in knowing all the must-go places to check out in Chi city so without future ado, here is my Chicago weekend guide: perfect for three day weekends, romantic getaways, overnight business trips and more! All of the restaurants I’ve recommended are places to safely dine #glutenfree unless stated otherwise.

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