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    Gluten-Free Banoffee Pie & Life

    August 21, 2019

    Here’s a fun new update I never thought I’d be writing – I’m dating an Irishman. Turns out I’m a sucker for an accent, but aren’t we all?

    My boyfriend grew up on a sheep farm in the west of Ireland (yeah he’s authentic) and one day I asked him what his favorite memory from home was.

    “Sitting at the kitchen table reading, my mom is probably baking something. There might be a lamb or two by the fire.” He said.

    “As in the meat?” I asked, wondering if he had a hankering for a Gyro or kabab.

    “As in the baby sheep.” He corrected me.

    “Right. Naturally. Baby sheep in the kitchen warming themselves by the fire. Typical. (?!) Well, what does your mom make that you like so much?”

    And with warm eyes and a soft smile he said “Banoffee pie.”

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