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    My Apartment – What I Do Before I Leave On A Trip

    July 30, 2019

    Ever since I graduated my life has revolved around travel. Whether it’s a work trip, travel home for the holidays, or a destination bachelorette, every three weeks or so, I’m off on another adventure.

    Being the type A person I am, I cannot leave my apartment in any state of disarray. Coming home to a mess doesn’t feel good. No one wants to climb into an unmade bed after a long day of travel. No one wants to walk into the smell of the stale trash, or run out of clean plates. So if you’d like to come home to a zen-like space- follow this checklist before your next trip to the airport.

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    1 Week Self-Love Challenge

    As today is the day we all celebrate love I wanted to get a post up on loving oneself. And if you know me- you know that this post is going to involve some…

    February 14, 2019
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