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What To Wear: Memorial Day

May 24, 2017

Hi Friends-Β As you can see I’ve been having some fun lately with the blog, making promo videos, creating a Shopstyle widget that took me waaaay too long to figure out- all so that I could pool together some of my favorite “What to wear for Memorial Day” items for you to peruse. Because everyone wants to be a little festive don’t they?

So take a look and gather some inspiration to use with your own wardrobe, or snag one of these items to perfect your weekend attire: They range in price, fanciness, and patriotism but any of these options should get you through Memorial Day in style. (Also I hear Nordstrom is running a sale-yippee!)

I myself will be at a week long wedding in North Carolina over Memorial Day, so with any luck I’ll have my toes in the water, beachbum in the sand and I’ll have many fun stories to come back and blog about! This will be the first year that I can’t go home for Memorial Day, which sort of bums me out seeing as my mom does a three day weekend like no other. Im talking burgers, brownies, and watermelon, gorgeous table settings on the porch, water ballon fights (hell yeahhh).

I know I’ll be having a blast in the Outer Banks, it’ll be the first time the whole college gang is back together, but I’m going to miss the fam! What do you do for Memorial Day? Lake house? Backyard Barbecue? Parade? Tell me in the comments below, I love hearing about family traditions. One of my friends spends the weekend with her family, putting their docks back in the water. They then take their annual boat ride and reward themselves with some well earned Spotted Cow. Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to officially welcome summer?


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