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Square Organics- Square Bar Product Review

October 6, 2016

A big part about being a happy gluten-free bee is knowing your go-to gluten-free products, for when life gets complicated. High up on that list- the protein bar. Having seen these all over instagram I finally went and got my hands on four flavors of the Square Bar by Square Organics to test out for you all- here are my thoughts!imageFlavor #1: Chocolate Coated Mint- By far my favorite flavor of the bunch. Biting into this bar reminded me of a peppermint patty, only much more satisfying. The texture of these is very light, and before I knew it I’d eaten the entire bar. I didn’t feel bloated or heavy after eating the mint bar, and it kept me relatively satisfied until my next meal.Β imageimageimageLet’s have a quick chat about that “produced on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat (gluten) etc.” on the label: I reached out to Square Organics on instagram wondering how the heck they could be certified gluten-free if they shared equipment with pretty much all the allergens. This was their response:image

Taking up the opportunity to further understand their procedures, I direct messaged them:


imageI think it says a lot about a company to be this transparent with their customers about gluten and cross-contamination. After having learned all of this, did I then purchase these bars. I am happy to say I had no reactions to these what so ever. No itching, no discomfort- typical signs for me dealing with an allergic reaction. Ok- now back to the flavors.imageFlavor #2: Chocolate Coated Almond Spice- Right off the bat I will tell you I didn’t finish this bar. The flavor was just not my jam, but the texture was similar to the previous bar I’d had so had it not been for the flavor, I think I would have been just fine.imageNutrition facts below for the curious:imageFlavor #3: Chocolate Coated Cherry- While I have no pictures for this flavor, that’s because I was consuming this on the go at Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Day Fest. This flavor was ok- I think baking with it would be the better use for this flavor. You can check out some recipes on Square Kitchen.

Flavor #4: Chocolate Coated Coconut- Not so much coconut, LOTS of dark chocolate flavor. Almost like a ganache. I would have preferred more coconut here, but that’s because I would consume coconut every day if given the option. I kind of do if you count coconut oil.

I was dyyyyiing to try their peanut butter flavor but I couldn’t find it in the stores. Oh well! I’m sure it’s awesome, I mean come on. It’s peanut butter coated in chocolate.

Word to the wise- Don’t let these hang out in your bag for too long, the fresh ones have the best texture and they are a tad delicate.

If these have sparked your interest, you can check out Square OrganicsΒ and learn about their anti-human trafficking donations, peruse their flavors and look up recipes to use your bars with!

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