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Mexican Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

May 21, 2018

I love throwing a bunch of things into a bowl, topping them with a fried egg and calling it breakfast. Recently- I was in Phoenix for a much overdue vacation, and while I was there I had some damn tasty Mexican food. So, when I got back and did my weekly grocery shop, I was inspired to plan a week’s worth of Mexican inspired brekkie. 

The best part about breakfast bowls is that they’re extremely easy to put together. Really- anything can go into a breakfast bowl, but for a little guidance, I like to focus on protein, fat, and carbs to create a balanced meal. Here’s what I layered in this particular bowl:

  1. Microwavable quinoa (I love the Path of Life blends)
  2. Sautéed yellow and orange peppers, white onion
  3. Broccoli micro greens
  4. 1/4 avocado
  5. A fried egg
  6. Frontera salsa
  7. Freshly chopped cilantro
  8. Red pepper flake (hot sauce would also do nicely)

So what’s the key to making this “easy”? Meal prep… on Sunday I chopped, sautéed, and stored all these goodies in the fridge so that come Monday morning, all I had to do was pretend I was Emeril, and BAM! A bowl was made. #nomnomnnomnomnom

What would you add to your breakfast bowl? Leave comments down below! #lifesabeacham

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