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Luke’s Lobster Chicago- Review

September 13, 2017

Hey everybody! I know it’s been awhile since I posted on the blog. Somewhere between the E and O of SEO I lost my mojo, but I’m back in true Life’s A Beacham fashion with a restaurant review about a little place called Luke’s Lobster. This post needed to be written, not just for the food porn you’re about to enjoy (some of my best yet) but because of the extremely kind efforts on Luke’s Lobster’s part to make sure we had a delicious yet safe, gluten-free lobster roll. So, no more excuses, you know the drill- if you’re dying to see my first ever gluten-free lobster roll, keep scrolling to checkout my Luke’s Lobster Chicago review!Luke’s Lobster’s Chicago location is in the Loop, right on Lasalle. When you walk in you can see that the whole place consists of a couple tables, some refrigerated drinks, chips, and a checkout counter. It’s tiny! Grab a menu and peruse your options, then head on up to the counter to order.
I took my sister with me since she was in town for a visit, promising her something neither of us had ever had since becoming gluten-free- a true Maine lobster roll, on a gluten-free bun. Little did I know the #Glutenfreedom we were about to experience: If you are a celiac or have a severe allergy, Luke’s Lobster can serve you safe chowder, chips, lobster, but no (safe) roll. This is due to the grill being a shared space, and the GF rolls being frozen, so in order to get your GF roll, cross contamination is at risk. BUT WAIT- before any of you hungry subscribers chalk this place up as an L, listen to what happened when we asked our lovely checkout girl CeeCee, if there was anything we could do to have the bun. Maybe it was the puppy eyes, or maybe it was the fact that both Amanda and I looked like we’d been told our best friend moved away, but all of a sudden CeeCee ran back into the kitchen, saying she had an idea. When she returned, she told us that there was a separate clean grill in back, and that if we could wait 5 minutes, they’d heat up and toast our gluten-free buns on it! We happily accepted her offer! No more than 10 mins later, with chips and cold root beers in our hands… CeeCee presented us with our lobster rolls.Just take that in for a minute…You can smell it can’t you? Buttery, fresh, with a SAFE GLUTEN-FREE TOASTED BUN!!! Hallelujah! I’m pretty sure Amanda wanted to murder me when I made her wait for me to take the glamour shots. Needless to say, we dug in pretty quickly.That grin right there? Pure gluten-free bliss.And just when we thought we were done with surprises, CeeCee brought over tastes of both the clam chowder and lobster bisque (both 100% gluten-free) for us to try. I’m not sure Amanda and I have ever experienced such kindness from someone who had no reason to be so accommodating for a gluten-free patron other than out of the kindness of her heart. CeeCee, you lovely woman, this next lobster roll shot could never have been taken by Amanda, if not for you girl!And with that, I sign off this blog post with my tummy grumbling and my heart full. Like this story? Give it a share would ya? If we get enough shares maybe Luke’s Lobster will make the 2nd safe grill a permanent addition to their gluten-freedom! I’ve got fancy share buttons all over this blog, and you can follow me on my insta- Lifesabeacham for daily food and inspo.

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