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Gluten-Free Halloween

October 25, 2018

A typical Halloween: I’m dressed as Oscar the Grouch, sitting on the counter in my friends’ kitchen with gummy worms in my punch. Batman is blowing cheese balls out of his mouth and cookie monster is chugging a beer – wait, what? Did I mention I’m almost twenty-seven? Halloween, man, it’s one of those holidays that gets weirder with age. And I’m not just talking about the costumes. Instead of trick or treating, we’re chugging and icing, and keg-standing and Jell-O shot making. And all I’m sayin’ is… what happened to the candy? 

I want to bring back the good stuff. The stuff that mom and dad had to hide past 8pm so that you wouldn’t go to school the next morning with a tummy ache. But this time around- I want the good stuff to actually be made of, well, good stuff.
So I’ve made a list of all of the allergy friendly, somewhat better for you brands I could find out there- to make your Halloween a little sweeter, and less tricky.
The following brands are all gluten-free, and each brand has a vegan option. Here are my favorite brands that allow you to enjoy something sweet, without any spooky ingredients:
  1. Surf Sweets – Naturally sweetened, top 10 allergen free, organic, non-GMO … I’m sorry how do these gummies taste so good??
  2. Wholesome – No artificial flavors, made without corn syrup, peanut & tree nut free, GF, V, Kosher, skull-shaped lollipops I mean come on?!
  3. Yum Earth – They do a bunch of different things but they also do gluten-free licorice that is sans high fructose corn syrup… so it’s basically magic.
  4. Chewie Fruities – No artificial flavors, non-GMO, Kosher, and made in the USA- these are like a better Starburst!
  5. Cocomel Bites– While these do have coconut (nut) in them and soy, they’re VEGAN and caramel… you’re welcome.
I’ve linked all of the items to Thrive Market since they offer pretty epic pricing, but all of these brands can be purchased on Amazon as well, should you wanna get your Prime on. Walmart, Target, all the big box stores are starting to carry these brands as well so if you wanna shop in person, know that you’ll be able to find these brands all around town!
Oh and PS- Cheeseballs are 100% gluten-free



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