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Cleveland Kraut 4 Ways- A Love Story

April 2, 2016

A couple months ago I was putzing around on Instagram when I got a DM from my good friend Mac. Mac works for Cleveland Kraut– you’ve probably seen their crafted fermentations in grocery stores like Heinen’s, or even at your farmer’s market. The popular brand offers 6 tasty flavors of fresh, crunchy, probiotic rich sauerkraut- 5 of which are guaranteed gluten-free. So when Mac asked if I’d fool around with a couple flavors for the weekend and see if I could come up with a recipe or two- I asked- how fast could they ship it to me?

The answer? Fast- about a week later I got a buzz from my building notifying me that there was a perishable delivery for me downstairs- I rushed to the door and received this beauty right here:imageWaiting inside was a charming note from Mac, and four of his favorite Cleveland Kraut flavors in dry ice- waiting to say hello.imageLet’s talk kraut for a second- Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is a tangy, crunchy addition to many meals, (think bratwurst, pirogues) and when made fresh and left unpasteurized, kraut is full of good-for-you bacteria, known as priobitics. It is also high in C, K2 and B vitamins.

Vitamin C- Good for the heart, eyes, and skin

Vitamin K2- **K vitamins are recommended for people with chronic disease, such as celiac disease! K vitamins are good for everything from spider veins to morning sickness.

B vitamins- Good for hair, skin, and nails, natural energy, sign me up.

So- without further adieu, I would like to show you 4 amazing ways to use Cleveland Kraut:

Probiotics- Support digestive and immune health- the majority of people who incorporate a probiotic of some form in their life enjoy a happy tummy. Double points for the natural probiotics in kraut!imageSo, without further adieu- let me show you what you can do with this magical kraut!

  1. Gnar Gnar Kraut

First things first- this wouldn’t be a Life’s A Beacham post if it didn’t include cheese:image Amanda and I were having a wine night the day my kraut arrived, so we decided to make a meal out of it. We laid out summer sausage, and some italian meats with a hard and soft cheese, and finished off the spread with some fresh veggies, green grapes, and wine.   imageHere I have the Gnar Gnar prepared two ways:

Smoked Cheddar topped with Gnar Gnar Kraut on top of a Glutino bagel chip.

Spicy Summer Sausage topped with Gnar Gnar Kraut on top of a Glutino bagel chip.

Both combinations have a sweet, tangy, salty trifecta that makes you want to make another before you’ve even finished the one!

2. Roasted Garlic Kraut

For Super Bowl weekend, I knew I’d be eating all kinds of not-so-good-for-you concoctions… so I decided to boost my spinach dip with a little somethin’: imageThis recipe could not be easier- the Roasted Garlic kraut actually took away a lot of chopping of garlic for me so I was able to whip this up in no time.

You’ll need:

1. 1 1/2 cups frozen spinach thawed and squeezed of excess water

2. 1/2 cup Roasted Garlic Kraut

3. 4 tablespoons Mayonnaise

Directions: Place all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until desired texture. (About 1 Minute)imageWhat you’ll be left with is a creamy tangy 3 ingredient spinach dip that’s rich in tummy friendly probiotics and ready to serve with the rest of your snacks, no matter what the occasion!image

3. Curry Kraut

Who doesn’t love the flavor indian spices bring to the table? Garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and mustard seed are what make this version of kraut so special. Did you know that turmeric is an amazing anti-infmamitory? Due to the turmeric and probiotics in this flavor, I can’t imagine a better way to start your day off right than with a little bit of this at breakfast? How you ask? How ’bout eggs?

imageI scrambled up some eggs and added about a spoon and a half of the Curry Kraut. I then fried up some turkey bacon, and toasted some Udi’s whole grain bread. I topped my eggs with fresh cilantro and some red pepper flake, and added a side of fresh blueberries to seal the deal. Never have I ever been more satisfied at breakfast.

4. Beet Red Kraut

Sadly- my Beet Red recipe was eaten before it could have been photographed, but I will tell you that I try and incorporate Beet Red into any takeout I order. It is especially good on: Fish tacos, any kind of indian food, as well as on Thai food.

Many many thanks to Mac for sending me this delicious Cleveland Kraut- I continue to find new ways to incorporate these flavors into my gluten-free life and my stomach thanks you for how happy it’s been.

*Whiskey Dill is the only Cleveland Kraut flavor that might not be safe for gluten-free foodies… the whiskey cannot be confirmed as gluten-free, and I thank Mac for letting me know so that I could share it with you all!

Can’t seem to find Cleveland Kraut around you? You can buy every flavor here.

What would you put Cleveland Kraut on? Any suggestions?? Let me know in the comments below! And as always…. feel free to subscribe, share, and pin my post.

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